There are towns such as the Capilla del Señor, in which, although they have not been the scene of historical events of national importance or do not possess architectonic works of monumental relevance, they constitute urban areas with significant formal and cultural cohesion that make them valuable references of the regional memory .

The historical character is due, in particular, to the fact that through a peculiar fusion of culture and nature, it represents modes of life and urban environment, which bear witness to the relation between the past and the present and are a promise of harmonious continuity in the future.

Integration with the adjacent field, having endured the architectural types, appropriate and gradual addition of new elements and unity of the whole Capilla del Señor make an outstanding example of the pampeanas populations and in this sense takes on a national scale.

Over more than two centuries of evolution, Capilla del Señorl has maintained the urban space and a cozy local atmosphere. The domestic architecture originated homogeneous sets and pleasant sites that are part of their collective memory.

For this reason, in 1994, the National Executive declared the Capilla del Señor, as a Property of National Historical Interest.


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